Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bushman's Revenge - You Lost Me at Hello (2009)

Instrumental chaos as the Nordic power
trio veer between heaviness mixed with
wild abandonment, crossing prog-style
passages with classic hard rock riffs which
turn into jazz type freak outs so beloved
by Zappa at his most guitar-god like.

This is a molten mix of styles that has
wild sounding jams as if a cover band
is trying to sound like a stoner group
playing King Crimson doing P Floyd
covers in a mad jazz explosion.


  1. very unusual free jazz jams with stoner vibe. controlled psychedelic chaos - that's what I feeling when listen them. from similar can recommend La Otracina early albums

  2. and of course classic 20 minute freakout jam album Masayuki Takayanagi's
    New Direction Unit: April is the Cruellest Month

  3. Glad you liked it and as usual, thanks for the recommendations for me to listen to. This is one of the great things about music blogs, always new music to hear.