Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal (Part 2)

You all know the story behind this album -
1974 and Lou Reed follows up the bleakness
of "Berlin" with this live album.

A lot of VU fans hate this because with the
help of twin guitar players Dick Wagner and
Steve Hunter, he plays old classics as heavy
rock work outs with flashy full-distortion
solos and extended jams ...... but this is what
Reed does best - moving the goal posts and
showing he could turn his hand from anything
including avant garde to heavy metal.

No matter what you think, I fucking love this
album, not only does it rock like a bastard but
it was my first introduction to Lou Reed.

What is not widely known is that the rest of
the songs from this live set were released years
later - with no fanfare - as "Lou Reed - Live".....
.... which I call Rock 'n' Roll Animal Vol 2.

The set list is:
Satellite of Love
Walk on the Wild Side
I'm Waiting for The Man
Oh, Jim
Sad Song

I can only think that his record company wanted
to push the VU aspect of the songs and not bother
with many of his solo tracks, which is a shame
because this is a worthy addition to his already
impressive collection of classic albums.

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