Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dead Elephant - Thanatology (2011)

Dead Elephant give us their 3rd album. As good
as the 2nd one, "Lowest Shared Descent" was,
this just stomps all over it.

Sludge with dashes of doom come to the forefront
of things with a shuddering post-hardcore feel
mixed in.

Unusual layers of instrumentation which really give
a depth to an already textured sound stop this from
becoming overwhelming, with clean psychedelic
guitar drifting over some mellow, mournful horns
(which are samples from Italian funeral marches!).

The pounding sonic battering brings to mind Ufomammut,
Sabbath, Neurosis and The Melvins.

This is heavy, dense and challenging music that makes
you realise how one-dimensional and repetitive some
bands in this genre have become.

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