Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Succubus (2009)

This collection of musicians seem to have many different
band names but this line up have produced something
that they have described as Free Jazz/Drone/Doom/
Dark Ambient - kinda trips off the tongue don't it?

Almost impossible to write about, this amazing album
is like an evil and heavy Orb jamming with Miles Davis
at his most mournful and haunting.


  1. really hard to describe though - kinda like a david lynch soundtrack type thing.

    Gonna try that Matt finney post you put up in the morning.

  2. This is better than anything that I imagined that it would be. Amazing man

  3. Hey ZoSo))), glad you like it.

    I know my site is a bit hit and miss at times - no real theme - just whatever album springs into my mind that really does it for me - so am never quite sure who my audience is!

  4. Not everyone can like all music, people think that they do but it's a lie. Each to their own man, I won't give people shit for it (unless its asgath on VDO haha)