Monday, 17 October 2011

Kösmonaut - Emanations (2011)

Band request from Texas.

Kösmonaut is a one man project and his bandcamp
tags read: Berlin, Drone, Ambient Dance, Dark

This is pretty different to what I would normally
post but I like it and so will review but be warned -
(Sorry Patrick!), I know next to nothing to this genre
and so, can only use out of date references!

Rhythm is the touchstone to these tracks. Heavy use
of arpeggiators and sequencers in the tones and drums
give a trance like feel to the repeated motifs.

Like early Kraftwerk, the beats latch in your brain and
when the treated drones and rich textures float across
the songs, I am reminded of a faster Tangerine Dream.

Many years ago I used to listen to "Goa Trance" - there
was some interesting stuff released and this is not a
million miles away from it.

If you want a change from down-tuned guitars, give
this a listen.

Download free tracks & buy other albums from Bandcamp

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