Monday, 10 October 2011

Gaytheist - Pentagrams Are Super! (2011)

Band request from Portland, USA.

Gaytheist - good or bad band name? Hard for me
to judge as I used to be in Ruptured Dog but it made
me laugh and god knows that is hard these days!

The music far outweighs any preconceptions you
may have though.

There are rumbling bass lines that would not
sound out of place on a Jesus Lizard record,
adding depth to the abrasive guitar riffs that
put the rock into this heavy punk sound.

Tuneful but aggressive at the same time, the songs
are short sharp shocks that leave you wanting to
play them again.

The guitar playing dips in and out of math and noise rock
which meshes with the cleanish sarcastic vocals that are
perfect for the sardonic and slightly strange lyrics.

Going all old school for a second, some of the leads and
solos remind me of early Damned or Dead Kennedys -
which of course I love!

This is a highly recommended listen.

They are also good guys, the album and an EP
are available from Bandcamp for only $1.00 -Buy


  1. Hah, this is excellent!

    I've just been sat for the last 15 minutes thinking "we should have got our pictures took with Steve Davis"

  2. Could of been an album cover for sure! Do I spy a sudden burst of energy on VDU?

  3. There may be a few albums up our sleeves!