Monday, 31 October 2011

Cutthroat Convention - Peeling The Sea (2011)

Band request from London.

Cutthroat Convention come a cross like the bastard
son of Faust and Can crossed with post-hardcore.

Songs verge on the chaotic with a fuzzed violin
taking the place of guitars.

Electronic noise is merged with drums and bass
giving a feel like the most demented Cardiacs track.

Spoken/shouted vocals are spat out but quite low in the mix.

Different and bizarre, these sonic bursts of noise are strangely
addictive with powerful riffs using metal/jazz/punk and
electronica to confound the senses but never for the sake
of being clever.

This is the sound of a band trying to break free from
conventional song structures - this is not for the casual
listener but do not take my word for it - Listen

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