Monday 17 March 2014


I’ve always been a sucker for cover versions....not the pointless ones that sound exactly the same as the original, but the ones that have been given the artists own take on things, i.e Frijid Pink’s - The House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals) or The Dickies - The Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel), which are both particular favourites of mine.

The album in question here is entirely made up of cover versions and is great fun from start to finish, never failing to surprise and entertain in equal measures. 
Al Jourgensen applies his usual full on industrial thrashy metal influence to all manner of genres of music here, from Glam Rock to easy listening classics ! Not sure if these are just songs that he just fancied tearing to shreds or whether they all hold some important memories in his musical growing up process. Probably a mixture of the two.

Distorted and cranked up highlights include Bob Dylan’s 1960’s classic “Lay Lady Lay” given the treatment it has truly deserved for about 40 years !!...a chuggtastic version of T.Rex’s “Get It On” ......Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’”.....Sabbath’s “Supernaut”....and many more.
Here’s “Lay Lady Lay” for you to try out.....Dylan fans listen and weep !!

A most entertaining, foot stomping, steering wheel thumping release that’s well worth a listen.

words by DOUG E DOGG

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