Tuesday 4 March 2014

Carne - Ville Morgue

Hailing from France, Carne blast their way through a set of
tracks using a combination of noise rock, sludge and hardcore.

For a band throwing out such aggressive sounds, there is a
shit load of groove coming from these songs that raise them
above a lot of other sludge/hardcore bands around.

For a duo, the sound is big and almost live sounding - lack of
bass is made up for by low-end guitars which throb in all
the right places.

Tempo changes are expertly used to bring an extra touch of
pacing which help put some atmospherics into the bleak and
dark feel of things. There is a chaotic vibe that threatens to
unravel into a storm of pure, harsh noise but the solid
riffs, thunderous drumming and shouted vocals keep the
songs on an even keel.

This is the good shit.

Buy here from Bandcamp


Thanks to David at Scratch The Surface for sending this.

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