Wednesday 5 March 2014

Druglord - Enter Venus

STB records once again come up trumps by putting out this
4 track monster of sludgey doomness from Druglord. Heavier,
bigger and more sonically powerful than their previous output,
“Enter Venus” should by all rights go onto many peoples playlists
and get stuck on repeat.

Distorted guitars that riff with the weight of unpromised misery
ooze out of the speakers giving the songs a suffocating feel that
rolls over the senses.

Vocals are reverbed and buried deep in the mix with claustrophobic
results. For me, doom has always meant more than recycled Sabbath 
riffs or  lyrics about burning witches. Hell, I love to listen to that all
day long but I also want concrete heavy guitars, slow hypnotic grooves,
an atmosphere of uneasy feelings, a soundtrack that can match the
tedium and hopelessness that I sometimes find myself in.

Druglord deliver all that and more - original riffs, great song
compositions and the finishing touch that gets my full vote of 
approval - fuzzed solos that make me want to weep tears of joy
as I break thing with a lump of wood with nails in the end.

This is a monster of an album that will be my companion
for a long time.

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Thanks to STB Records for sending this to me.

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