Sunday 15 December 2019

El Drugstore - The Golden Age of Bad Ideas

El Drugstore describe themselves as "Instrumental Freak
Attack" and with those words, launch into a whirling,
insane barrage of riffs, timings, dizzy note abuse and
powerhouse drumming.

Early Mastodon meet the Cardiacs doing Botch cover numbers
is probably the nearest I can get to a quick description and even
then I am falling short of the mark.

This is head-fuck music of the highest order and I gladly embrace
its almost psychedelic and psychotic aggression gladly.

Technical chops they have in abundance but unlike so many
instrumental metal/hardcore bands, El Drugstore have the vision
and tunes to pull it off. 

Like "On The Corner" by Miles Davis, at first it seems almost too
complex and random to make sense but under the distorted instruments
there is a fucked up groove happening. 

This is the perfect soundtrack for a world full of tension, mistrust,
loners, paranoia and nerves shot to pieces with coffee and hate.

1 comment:

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