Monday 7 March 2011

Massive Attack vs Mad Professor (1995)

The Mad Professor does his thing on the "No
Protection" album and gives a radical kicking
to the original songs.

A much thicker and heavier sound is his starting
point with vocals reverbing like fuck, samples
flying around and a great - of course - bass heavy
end, trip-hop beats fading in and out.

This is real earphone candy as the stereo seperations
are abused and layers of sound effects bounce around.

I actually prefer this to the "proper" album.


  1. Sounds interesting. I'll give it a whirl!
    Have you seen that Chickenhawk have changed their name by the way?

  2. I got a compilation a couple of days ago with their new name on but it was a track from the 1st album and thought it was their old name!

    Any idea why?

  3. They can't get the rights or any domain names they want. Something about the book Chickenhawk...

    Hawk Eyes is a rubbish name in comparison. Very let down.

  4. That makes sense - pretty famous book + an expression used quite a lot in the states.

    So they are after a name with no domain rights - Hawk Eyes ..... just like the character from the film & tv series "Mash" or very much like a Marvel comics identity .......... good luck with that!

    Free of charge they can use "Mandarin Grin" or "Scopieau"