Thursday 31 March 2011

Chrome - The Visitation (1976)

The 1st Chrome album is a blend of psych-punk,
art-rock space weirdness.

Later albums would see them become part of
the "No Wave" New York scene but this is a bit
of a schizo beast!

Vocal delivery is yelped out - very much like
David Thomas from Pere Ubu.

Kraut rhythms start songs only for Carlos
Santana solos to be played over the top of
them, making them evolve in space rock

70's classic rock structures are on show,
reminding me of Be Bop Deluxe songs,
including Bill Nelson solos but then it
takes another turn and sounds live very
early Devo.

Post-punk almost(before the term ever existed)
with a healthy nod to funk - as the Gang of Four
would so skillfully use.

Sorry to compare to so many bands but this a
very hard one to describe. Why not just - Listen


  1. love this - didnt realise they were on the go so early

  2. It took me 20 years after it was released to hear it for the 1st time. It's good shit.