Tuesday 24 August 2010

Pet Slimmers of the Year - .... And The Sky Fell (2010)

This 3 piece have been described as post-rock,
experimental metal/ambient etc.

I am finding a lot of post-rock becoming very samey,
hundreds of new bands are now doing the instrumental,
quiet/heavy thing but with nothing new to make them
stand out. My daughter is in a post-rock band and she
is only 9!

Ok, bit of an lie ......... it's more sludge based!

Ok, that's a lie as well

but ...... you know where I am coming from.

PSOTY stand out by being fuckin' heavy .... less post
and more rock. Tension building riffs, nice explosions
of sound. Forget the new crop of weak, wishy washy
new stuff - if you are after something meatier - Listen

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