Monday 2 August 2010

Conflict - The Ungovernable Force (1986)

This is the 3rd album from anarcho-punks Conflict.

For me, this album really delivered the goods. Embracing
the punk ethic of anyone can be in a band, previous
recordings were brilliant, noisy explosions of political
intent but the music pretty well sucked.

At the time, Husker Du and Black Flag were releasing
classic albums with power and tunes that really
got me going, so early Crass etc left me a
bit cold.

The Ungovernable Force had the bile and fury
but this time was backed up with fuck-off tunes,
meaty riffs, big thunderous production, sound bites,
bits of piano, even female vocals.

Paint a big "A" on yer jacket, drink some cider,
lace up your Doc Martens and Listen.

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