Wednesday 20 March 2013

Senior Fellows - Ecclesiastical Servitude

Band request from Tulsa, Ok.

Senior Fellows have the two of the guys from Heemeyer in
the lineup so you know you are gonna get a faceful of spite!

Merging sludge, hardcore and some noise rock, this collection
of songs break out of the mould with some playing that has
an almost mathy feel to the complex but heavy tracks.

Great production brings out every angry note played with a clarity
sometimes missing in this genre. The riffs are downtuned
monsters that have an unstoppable groove to them while the
quite plainly pissed off vocals spew out tales of betrayal
and retribution.

This is a solid slab of music that had me jumping up and down
despite my fucked up back! Check these fuckers out before they
drive up to your house and torch it down.

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