Wednesday 6 March 2013

Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter

Formed from the ashes of SubArachnoid Space, Eight Bells
is the new project for founder Melynda Jackson and drummer
Chris Van Huffel.

Using the template of sonic guitar exploration, Eight Bells
bring a more metal and evil feeling vibe than previously
used with SubArachnoid Space.

With new member Haley Westeiner on bass and vocals - which
are minimal - this trio are forging a sinister mix of prog-metal
and bursts of experimental blackened chaos. 

Super freaked solos wash over drones and feedback while the
thunderous drumming pushes the riffs into noise filled squalls
of distorted, psychedelic jams that have the feeling of chaos
that threatens to make everything fall apart ...... but then, delicate
passages with ghostly ambience bring things back together again.

I loved SAS but with this album, some of the post-rock noodlings
have gone, leaving a much more stripped down band that are boldly
going into the unknown, without a compass or map .... fuck knows
where they are going but I will gladly jump on board and see
where we end up.

This goes straight away into my albums of the year list.

Highly recommeded.

Buy from the always magnificent Seventh Rule Records

Thanks to Liz at Earsplit PR.

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