Wednesday 4 January 2012

Jethrine - Wildlife EP

Band request from Portland, USA.

Jethrine are taking a hiatus but on the strength
of this EP, should get back and do some more

This is prime punk/noise rock which gleefully
takes the AmRep template and runs amok. The
rhythm section have the technical chops to pull
off the dizzying time tempos and staccato song
structures that make this sort of thing so thrilling
but still have a looseness that sounds like a band
playing on the edge of chaos.

Vocals get yelped in the best Yow/Mackaye style
which suit the strangely bizarre/imaginative lyrics.

There is also a tasty Roky Erickson cover.

Abrasive and energetic, Jethrine join the ranks of
newer bands like United Sons Of Toil, White Drugs
and We'll Go Machete who are doing their own take
on this genre.

Because they are good guys, there is a free download from Bandcamp

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