Monday 30 January 2012

Equal Minds Theory - S/T

Band request from Russia.

Not sure what they are putting in the water over there
but it sure makes the music heavy!

Here is their press release:
Equal Minds Theory - face melting/bone crushing mathcore
band from Russia - five-headed fire-breathing beast, consisting
of the most frostbitten and psychopathic representatives of Norilsk,
Domodedovo, Moscow and Troitsk. Together they make music
that forces even the most evil demons of hell to hide in a corner
and beg for mercy. But no quarter will be - it's known for everyone
who has ever watched the EMT live: the band is famous for the most
dynamic, entertaining and insanely intense live shows on Russian
heavy scene. EMT also gave countless concerts over Russia and
beyond and shared a stage with such bands like Cephalic Carnage,
Burst, Psyopus and Ion Dissonance.

This translates to some chaotic experimental hardcore with prog-metal
flourishes that has riffs that stomp over you. With throat shredding vocals,
this album would please anyone who was into Norma jean and their ilk.

Complex song writing ensures that your attention is always held and some
varied ambients effects drift in and out among all the aggression. for good measure.

Free download from Bandcamp


  1. Haha I was gonna eventually get round to doing this you know! It's currently fifth in my "to listen to" pile :p

  2. Sorry about that, I could of sworn I sent a BM band for you. I have just found a second mediafile account I have never used. I will load on some of the legal bandcamp files and see if they survive - who knows, I might start to slip in other ones to test the water. What about TBO? Seems a fucking shame to stop but not sure what to do now.

  3. I'm gonna keep on it. Not gonna post anything for a short while longer, just to make sure the worst of it blows over first. So far so good for my files though, they've yet to come for me.

  4. I will wait for one of you boys to start again - my new files seem to be working ok and the mad rush of blogs being hit seems to be slowing down. It remains to be seen if I can slip in "proper" albums ....... were accounts hit with a blanket closure because they contained music files or people who had takedown notices?