Tuesday 26 July 2011

Awake In Sleep - Awake In Sleep EP (2011)

This is a request from the band "Awake In Sleep"

The album is a massive, epic slab of Sludge/Post-metal
and it demands to be played loud.

Although very heavy throughout, the production
ensures that nothing gets lost in the mix, giving
the atmospheric passages a real sense of foreboding,
setting the scene for the explosive climaxes.

Distorted guitars riff away with the pounding rhythm
section and the throaty vocals - which switch now and
then to clean - will please any Cult of Luna fan.

For a 1st release, this is powerful stuff and along with
"Alaskan", this band are are the new wave of Post-metal
bands that are not just copying their idols but forging
ahead with their own sound, bringing an almost Hardcore
feel to things.


Download the album free from Bandcamp - Here

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