Wednesday 8 September 2010

The Stranglers - Black and White (1978)

The Stranglers - the worlds most overlooked
punk band?

Read any music history and punk started and
ended in the Westway with the Clash + some
help from the Pistols.

Not so - back in '77, to hear any punk stuff played
on the radio apart from Uncle John Peel and the
odd burst on Crapital Radio was a rarity.

The Stranglers had massive hits that got airplay
early on and a lot of people in my school only
got into punk by hearing them and delving
further through this new music.

(Not me - I saw the Damned + Motorhead in '76
at the tender age of 16 which proves how hip I
was and that I probably started the whole punk

"Rattus Norvegicus" and "No More Heros" set the
tone with aggression, Punk Floyd weirdness, fantastic
tunes and one of the most individual voices to vie
with Lydon as "new" style singing.

Black and White, for me anyway, remains their
crowning glory - sinister avante garde lyrics,
post-punk tunes, wailing sax breaks, frenetic
guitar and the best bass sound ever.


  1. My - what lovely taste you have. (Though I think The Raven was the masterpiece...even if the bass sound wasn't as good).

  2. Hails from
    .nice blog u gotzzz.......... lets swap links + DesTroY!

  3. Hey Mr Punk Not Profit - nice blog back at you - you have been added to my blog list.

    Andy - never really got on with The Raven but after your comment, will go back and give it a play today.

  4. great album - thanks!