Friday 5 March 2010

Year Of No Light - Nord 2006

Post-Metal from France and this is some
heavy shit. Everything about it is crushingly
heavy but just when brown liquid is starting
to dribble from your brain out of your ears,
you start to hear really tuneful guitar riffs,
almost post-rock like passages.

They sing in French, so I have no idea what
they are shouting about but I can only make
out every 5th word in a Cult of Luna song, so
it does not detract.

I am not going to put videos up for Post-Metal
bands any more - it slows the page opening up
and more importantly, you either hate or love
this sort of stuff ..... there is no middle ground.
Do you need a clip of shouty beardy men scaring
a crowd of people to know if you like it?

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