Sunday 2 June 2019

May Punk/Hardcore releases

Hey kids, I do this so you don't have to.
This is the shit that makes me want to jump up and down!

Gutter Knife play punk with hardcore leanings. Great riffs
and vocals that don't make me want to rip my own ears out.
Frantic guitar licks as well.

Lockjaw have their roots in trash punk and it sounds fucking great.
No hanging around, 1-2-3-4 let's go. Want to hear a whole new album
instead of just an EP!

Post-hardcore from Canada. Mayfield have a dense sound which
does not distract from the frantic pace of songs or urgency that the
band deliver. Some lovely melodic hardcore tunes are delivered here.

This band keep evolving into something unique and powerful.
If you have not got this yet, why not!

Indie/punk that delivers its message but with a style that makes
you smile, hum the chorus and put a brick through a window.

German crust with doomy hardcore added. This is very intense, heavy
and the perfect soundtrack to play on the way to a job you cannot stand!

Horrible old skool three chord three piece skate punk thrash band 
straight off the mean streets of South Wales UK. Been waiting a while
for some new material and this does not let you down,

Rooted in traditional Metal sound, TT is chanllenging, weird and 
not easy at all to categorise. The way the music has been composed, 
with unusual patterns, with bizarre song structures and sometimes 
cacophonic yet still purely metal riffing. It's weird and you have been 
warned - listen at your own risk.

Montréal trio Lungbutter serves up an exhilarating and relentless
 barrage of astringent noise-punk driven by the ferociously wide-screen
 tri-amped guitar squall of Kaity Zozula, the brawny pummel of Joni 
Sadler's drums, and the wry subliminal/phenomenological sing-speak 
of vocalist Ky Brooks. Noise rock set to poetry - what's not to like!

The new Defeater album is immense - as we all knew it would be.
No more words needed.

Hailing from Boston and featuring members of Slapshot, 
Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, and Intent To Injure, hardcore 
powerhouse American War Machine deliver their debut album Unholy War.
Hardcore punk perfection!

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