Friday 23 May 2014

Zeppheroin - Methadone Jesus

It is that time of the year where once again I make an album
instead of just reviewing it.

Slow, heavy as fuck riffs but no mention of the occult or 
burning witches - is it still Doom?

Hypnotic grooves and shit loads of distorted guitar but all in the 
spirit of The Stooges or VU - is it still Stoner?

Recorded on cheap equipment and all the vocals and solos were 
limited at two takes so the attack and intensity were not lost - 
punk still runs in my blood.

Play it and make your own mind up.

Better still, send it to people you hate.

Spread the word if ya can.

Free Download at Bandcamp


  1. I like it! How is it pronounced? Zep heroin? Zep Pheroin? Or Zeferoin? Excellent job.

  2. Me likey. More Black Meat thanks. Well done.

  3. Thanks for the kind words dudes. It is pronounced Zep heroin - kinda a word play on Led Zeppelin.