Thursday 15 September 2011

James Brown - Live At The Apollo (1963)

All the soul/funk action you will ever need on
one album.

The Godfather of Soul had toured this set and
by the time he got to the Apollo in Harlem -
the venue he considered home - he was on fire.

Forget his studio output - this reeks of sweat
and raw soul passion.

His record company did not want to release this
as there were no new singles on it but Brown knew
the crowd reaction and paid for it with his own cash.

It of course stayed in the charts for ages and is always
included when "Best live albums" get mentioned.

Go here for more detailed story - Here

Wayne Kramer had a great MC5 quote about this
album - "Live at the Apollo" was the inspiration to "Kick Out The Jams".Our whole thing was based on James Brown. We listened to Live at the Apollo endlessly on acid. We would listen to that in the van in the early days of 8-tracks on the way to the gigs to get us up for the gig. If you played in a band in Detroit in the days before The MC5, everybody did ‘Please, Please, Please’ and ‘I Go Crazy.’ These were standards. We modeled The MC5's performance on those records. Everything we did was on a gut level about sweat and energy. It was anti-refinement. That's what we were consciously going for.”
(The above text taken from Wiki entry)

Get your groove thang going.

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