Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zeppheroin - Naked Lunch

This is my new album - 7 songs of lo-fi punk/hardcore and
noise rock. No electronica used this time, just drums, bass,
stupidly distorted guitars and shouting.

Please download/steal/pirate/publish in any way you feel like doing - 
send to enemies, un-loved ones, random music blogs etc.

Give it a fucking go - it is free from Bandcamp

Look at you, squirming on that filthy throne, defecating.
It makes me sick.
Think of what society has done for you. And do you show an ounce of respect 
for your environment, your country? 
You’re quite happy to sit back and produce gush after gush of steaming excrement.
Go ahead, flush it away.
Your friends know what you’ve done. they can see it in your eyes - 
and on your hands. 
When you’re in the street, don’t be surprised if people glance at you and 
then avert their eyes in revulsion. They know your deed.
Once you’ve opened this door and made your surreptitious return to properly 
sanitised society, remeber what you did here.
The guilt may never leave you. 
You may find yourself scrubbing your body over and over and over 
again for eternity as a result of your depraved act.

But do not despair - regular playing of 
Zeppheroin could help suppress the gnawing fear of exposure.

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