Friday 28 September 2012

Vintage Cucumber - Tom mit de Bon Style

Band request from Germany.

Vintage Cucumber is one mans journey that he describes as 
"pure brain fogging". I won't argue with that - electronica
mixed with some guitar normally leaves me cold or just
thinking of The Orb but this had been done very well.

Floating space rock is very much evident here - skillful use
of samples do not intrude upon your voyage into blissed out
listening, the ambient passages blend seamlessly into what seems
to be random noises but which are just the beginning of faster songs.

There is a trippy vibe that ranges from gentle pastoral sounds to
an unhinged "everything-at-once" mosaic of music that ebbs and
flows to take you on a mainly electronic psychedelic journey.

You can get this and 2 other albums as name your price downloads
from Bandcamp


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