Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Avalanche - Thanatos 7"

Band request from Austria.

Avalanche make no apologies for their music - this is stoner/doom
with a hardcore feel to things. Heavy riffs inspired by Sleep & 
Sabbath? - yep. Vocals like Matt Pike finding out there is no more
beer left? - oh yes. Heavy production making all instruments sound
like the universe collapsing into your brain? - Fuck yeah!

With all the above, what's not to like - get it now.

Bio: we are avalanche from vienna, austria. we play hardcore with a strong tendency towards stoner and doom metal. our main influences are (besides some hardcore bands) black sabbath, sleep, pentagram etc. we are a band since 2010.
in april 2010, we released our "among beasts demo" by ourselves and in june this year, our debut 7'' called "thanatos" has been released on green menace records from sweden and worship records from germany.

Because they are good guys, you can download for free from Bandcamp


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