Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cara Neir - Sublimation Therapy EP

Band request from Dallas, TX.

I reviewed Cara Neir last year when they released
"Stagnant Percecptions" - read here - and it was primarily
black metal with crust and sludge leanings.

This EP is a different beast. Seventeen tracks in 22 minutes
give you an idea of the short shocks that await you.

The harsh vocals and powerful sound are still on show but
have now been channeled into a collection of grindcore head
fuckers. If Napalm Death had flirted with the aesthetics of black
metal, this could be the result.

Much to my surprise, even though most songs clock up at just
over a minute, there are variations within the song structures
that also throw up elements of hardcore, sludge and crust
among the grindcore madness. But hey, I know virtually fuck all
about this genre, so as always, check it out yourselves.

Becasue they are good guys, you can name your price at Bandcamp


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