Monday, 24 September 2012

Pig Destroyer vs Miles Davis

With anticipation high for the new Pig Destroyer coming
out soon, what better time than now to re-present this
classic soundclash between two unique and diverse artists.

This was first posted on the sadly missed Throat Burned Out
- the blog run by noise terrorists ZoZo))) and Claypool who
invited me to contribute now and then.

Below is my original text + the track in all its glory - listen or
download in the comfort of your own hovel.

Looking through the Pig Destroyer releases, I was interested by "Natasha" - a 35 minute track of slow doom, laden with atmospherics, sounding more like Godflesh or early Melvins rather than the grind they are known for. Hearing voices and music in my head constantly might make my mental breakdowns a strain on my life but this time it has worked to my advantage - I could hear that the Miles Davis track "Gondwana" was at the right speed to overdub in places on top of the Pig Destroyer track.

I give you one epic track of grindjazz.

Experimental? ....... Maybe.
Easy listening? ....... I hope not.

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