Monday, 10 September 2012

Ape! - 1991

Band request from Philadelphia.

Ape! are back with their new album which comes at you
with a grunge/stoner vibe. Skuzzy riffs make their way into
your cortex and the wonderful distorted solos sound like J
Mascis has stayed awake long enough to complete a song!

The tracks have no other purpose but to rock. Melodic and
powerful, this is dirty rock'n'roll but with a heavy feel that
does not crush you but gets you jumping up and down.
Like Turbonegro at their most tuneful, this kicks ass but
in a really enjoyable way that demands to be played
over and over.

Bio: "APE! are time-travelers. This is not a marketing ploy 
or a lie or a miscommunication on anyone's part. 
In 1991 this elite group escaped a detention center only to be 
swiftly apprehended by NASA and forced into an experimental 
dimensional travel program. Stripped of their clothes and morals, 
armed only with a Stooges record of questionable quality, and 
disoriented from fate's apparent disregard for the time/space 
continuum, they inexplicably landed in Newark, DE. Louis 
(soldier of fortune), Gink (martial and marital arts) and Sean 
(percussi-bot) neither can nor will be stopped. 
If you aren't with them, you're against them. "

Because they are good guys - name your price from Bandcamp


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