Monday 3 September 2012

Kabul Golf Club - Le Bal Du Rat Mort

Band request from Belgium.
(Many thanks to Jan for CD)

Kabul Golf Club are here to assault your ears with some
post-harcore and noise rock. Discordant timings and abrasive
guitar riffs litter the songs with a reckless abandon, you can almost
hear the strings breaking under the duress they are receiving.

The 5 tracks here are wonderfully chaotic but do not lose
any aggression in the process. Filthy basslines throb in tandem
with the drums, giving the guitar a platform to wail, feedback
and groan like a mutant Hendrix raised on noise rock. 

The despairing vocals add another layer with yells, screams
and general gibbering craziness. This is a killer EP that I highly
fucking recommend! This will be a hard one to beat.

If you are interested in ATDI, Botch, Jesus Lizard etc, check this
out - Buy Here


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