Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sack Lunch - Music To Your Fears (2005)

One you might of missed.

Sack Lunch played punk rock, pure and simple. SoCal 
was their sound - they kept it clean and to the point - no
metal or hardcore influences - just some guys into Screeching
Weasel & SNGU ...... maybe Leftover Crack, playing music that 
was fast and heavy.

I cannot find much info on them, they seem to have split up around
2010 but decided to put all their releases on bandcamp.

Info I found from Interpunk.com - it is from 2003 but gives you 
some relevant facts.
"Forming in the summer of 2001, Sack Lunch set out to play sraight ahead punk rock focusing on 3 essential points; to play fast, aggressive, and loud. Their style is simple, nothing fancy. The sound resembles SoCal skatepunk (Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole) with a more raw, tougher edge (F Minus, Union 13). No solos, just pure punk rock. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, they quickly began playing shows with their short, tight, and to the point live set. Within their first year, Sack Lunch have already opened for such notable bands like; Leftover Crack, The Forgotten, and The Casualties. Keeping the D.I.Y. attitude alive, they book all of their shows, and everything else a band has to do, is done by themselves. In July of of 2002, Sack Lunch entered the studio and came out with a 6 song, live off the floor, debut CD-EP in only 8 hours. "This Music is Not For You" is a perfect representation of their sound, style and attitude. The band's current plans include writing new songs, playing more shows, and drawing interest from independent labels."

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