Thursday 6 September 2012

Beastwars - S/T

Band request from New Zealand.

Beastwars play music that sounds like ..... Beastwars!

Heavy riffs, solid song writing, pounding tunes and an
excellent vocalist who can do clean/gruff without sounding
forced all combine to make a really good listen.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the production -
fuck me, this sounds like a huge band on their 3rd album
with unlimited studio time - it is powerful, clean and sounds massive.

You cannot pin down one genre to pigeonhole these guys - some
of the riffs are classic Kyuss desert stoner grooves which evolve
into recent Mastodon territory. Low tuned guitars chugg like
steamrollers, dipping into sludge tones, giving the songs a
heavy feel that drives the arrangements along.

The track order runs like a well oiled machine, giving you
an album that you will play end to end. Beastwars want to
ROCK and anyone with an interest in alt rock/metal
will enjoy this.

My only concern would be that people into the sub metal genres
are fanatically loyal to their particular brand of aural abuse....
Would Soundgarden fans find this too heavy? Mastodon followers
think not heavy enough? Hopefully people will not get bogged
down in genre fascism and give this a listen.

Bio: Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, BEASTWARS have exploded to become New Zealand's most talked about metal band of the moment. Like a mongrel mix of Kyuss, Neurosis and the mighty Godflesh, bring together pummeling intensity, beautiful brutality and sonic paranoia to create a sound all their own.

BEASTWARS is excited to announce the release of their debut full length, which will be available for the first time outside of New Zealand. In North America, the self-titled effort will hit stores on September 11, while it will be avialable one day earlier in the rest of the world. 

The most impressive video you will see all year is for Beastwars' album's closing track "Empire". The epic was directed by Harmish and crafted by the same team responsible for the 'Lord of the Rings' films. Visit the link below to check out the devastating clip!

In their native New Zealand, BEASTWARS is being heralded as one of their best new bands. Already receiving a nomination at the NZ Music Awards for "Best Rock Album", BEASTWARS have set their sites on the rest of the globe and will be touring heavily worldwide in support of the album's release.

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