Friday, 28 September 2012

Joe 4 Tour and Album release

Here is the latest news from the excellent Joe 4.

Njegov Sin LP release/out October 10th
We're gonna keep it short. If you ever downloaded or bought or reviewed our first EPEnola Gay you are on this list and we're giving you our LP in digital format for free. If you know anyone who would be interested in hearing it, you can just forward the link in your message to her/him/it. All the info about the record you can listen and read in the link bellow:

EU tour 2012 Joe 4 are striking out for other shores this fall, along with our good friends The Gary from USA! From 9/28 until 10/10 the two bands will be road dogging their way through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. Specific dates bellow:

28.09.2012. Friday Škofja Loka Rdeča Ostriga
29.09.2012. Saturday Slovenia/Austria still need help
30.09.2012. Sunday Graz Sub
01.10.2012. Monday Brno Boro
02.10.2012. Tuesday Geneve Usine
03.10.2012. Wednesday Montpellier Up & Down
04.10.2012. Thursday Lyon Lec Capucinas
05.10.2012. Friday Hamburg Komet
06.10.2012. Saturday Paris Rigoletto
07.10.2012. Sunday France/Germany still need help
08.10.2012. Monday Drive Home
09.10.2012. Tuesday Zagreb KSET

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