Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Seagraves - Weight Of The World

Seagraves are the newest release from Witch Hunter Records
and with this EP have replicated the sensation of getting
a sledgehammer smashed between your eyes.

Seagraves describe themselves as "4 men on a mission to 
combine the vitality & unchecked rage of 90s noisecore with 
nihilistic D-Beat crust".

Can't say fairer than that ...... these tracks are ferocious slabs
of aggression that hurtle down the path already trod by the
like of Cursed etc but with the added bonus of having excellent
guitar riffs and solos playing against the wall of chords that are
being thrashed out. Vocals have a slightly blackened feel to them
which gives a different dimension to the hardcore feel of things.

Production is great, giving a clarity to every note and shout - 
this is an excellent EP which bodes well for their future.

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