Friday, 15 February 2013

Momentum - Herbivore

Momentum are made up of members from Light Bearer and
ex Fall of Efrafa and play fucking pissed off fast and aggressive

This album is a full bloodied manifesto about animal rights
and veganism.

Read below for a fuller story.

Momentum was a side project, but it became much more than that. A catharsis from our other more time consuming projects, which soon became as valid and as important as those. We practiced every other week for two years, and played very very few shows live. We wrote a lot of songs and put out two records – one really long, and one really short, but contained within those songs were our passions and urgency to create punk rock songs, free of past musical experiences. This last record is possibly the most direct and belligerent release I have ever been involved in and we all love it. We all care a great deal about the issues we raised, and the music we played. But we have decided that we have completed what we wanted to do with this band, and so sadly Momentum will end with Herbivore. We plan to play a release show for our LP, beyond that, I am unsure. Hopefully you will enjoy this record, which is available below for free.

Please consider the words we have written, and reflect on the rights of non human animals, their screams are much more significant and deserve much more attention than ours.

Free download from Momentum

Order vinyl from Halo of Flies Records

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