Friday, 22 February 2013

Overlord - S/T

Band request from Oxford via Chris Alchin (hi dude!)

Overlord play an infectious mix of classic rock/stoner and
have really impressed me with these 4 tracks.

With bucket loads of fuck-off riffs, these guys show a real understanding
and more importantly, a real love for the genre they are playing.

There is a gritty, heavy blues feel that combines Sabbath with 
Graveyard or Witchcraft. Warm toned solos that hit all the right notes
are overlayed on top off the songs that are barrelling down the highway
of righteous rock straight into the brain paths that make your head bang
up and down while stomping out the beat with your foot!

The recording has a raw, unpolished feel to things which actually
suits this EP perfectly. If Overlord were based in Sweden and had
Jens Bogren producing, they would be on their way to critical acclaim.

I think this is fucking great and cannot wait to hear some more.

Free download from Bandcamp


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