Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dead Empires - Waiting In Waves

Band request from New York.

If instrumental metal wants to make you gouge out your
ears with a rusty crucifix, rest easy - Dead Empires have
created an album that easily makes a vocalist redundant,
instead, letting massive riffs do the talking instead.

The world is getting very full of Pelican/Russian Circles type
clones - while there is certainly room for these bands, I do
not need to hear yet another slow, drawn out song that goes
from quiet to loud with an epic climax.

These guys do have the post-rock/metal elements but it is
heavy and can easily veer into thrash, stoner or even hardcore.

Nothing it what it seems - unexpected turns bring a song
passage down paths not often heard but the overlying
theme is heaviness and distorted guitars.

Trippy psychedelic intros are soon disturbed by a Motorhead
mentality that have prog-metal elements that do not bore the
arse off you, instead this music is meant to be heard loud and
not pushed into the background.

Give it a listen.  

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