Friday, 22 February 2013

Ocean Of Insects - Heathen Mythology

Band request from New York.

Ocean Of Insects have taken the musical template of post-metal
and overlaid it with stoner vocals and solos.

This might sound jarring but in fact they work it really well.

You have heaviness with eerie atmospheric samples and 
drones but overlaid with distorted, psychedelic guitar outburts
- what's not to like?

All you need to know it that it rocks like a bastard and sometimes
that is all I want. The complex song passages keep the attention
levels nice and high while the tracks run together to make playing
the album as a whole the only option.

If you want something that kicks arse but want to rest your
ears from the cut'n'paste cookie monster vocals that seem
to have taken over the world, give this a listen.

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