Friday, 15 February 2013

Johns - House Of Wrongheads

Band request from Buffalo, New York.

Johns are a five piece that features ex-members from one
of this blogs favourite bands - The Fucking Hotlights.....
who have sadly decided to call it a day.

Ryan describes his new project as more polished and pop
structured than the Hotlights but I feel he is being modest.

This is a great mix of garage rock and post-punk that fuse
melodic tunes with off-kilter chords to excellent effect. 
Fairly clean guitars are thrashed, giving the convoluted
tunes an eerie feel, helped in no end by the female
backing vocals.

Riffs are hypnotically played, with variations slowly being
exposed during the song passages. If you ever grooved out
to BATS or Young Widows, check this out.

Name your price from Bandcamp


1 comment:

  1. nice one Tony, thanks for the discovery.

    and by the way... yes, I´m back to the business!