Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Humanfly - Awesome Science review

This is the fourth album from Humanfly and only after some
initial plays, it has already gone onto one of my albums of
the year list!

Mixing post-hardcore and psychedelic noise with heavy prog
leanings means if you have ever wondered what the bastard
spawn of Mastodon and King Crimson would sound like
channeled through a massive fuzzbox and forced directly into
your brain, wonder no more!

With every member of the band playing to their full potential,
this release should elevate them to the heights they deserve.

If you have followed this band and have been waiting for
this album - enjoy. If you have not heard them before, you have
not only let yourself down but opened up the floodgates for
some well judged abuse and possibly a stabbing!

Highly fucking recommended!

Get all their stuff from their Bandcamp site, including a
soundboard recording of the last show.


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