Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Tongues - We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Band request from Columbia, Missouri.

How can anyone resist an email that describe themselves as
being "drenched in reverb, propulsive rhythms, and a 90's 
midwestern aesthetic, New Tongues pay homage to their noise and 
post-hardcore ancestors."

This album has a huge, sprawling sound that stomps over your
sensibilities and punches you in the throat. The vocals are clear in 
the mix which means they are not fighting to be heard over the pounding
riffing and Am-Rep rhythms, giving the songs a dark tension that 
builds within the song passages. 

There are elements of chaotic free-form structures running through 
the tracks but never distracting enough to make you forget the huge, 
heavy riffs that are always present. Discordant timings and abrasive guitar 
riffs litter the songs with a reckless abandon, you can  almost hear the strings 
breaking under the duress they are receiving.

Filthy basslines throb in tandem with the drums,  giving the guitar a 
platform to wail, feedback and groan like a mutant raised on noise rock. 
The despairing vocals add another  layer with yells, screams and 
general gibbering craziness.

New Tongues also avoid the standard verse/chorus by using AmRep type 
noise rock song writing and melodic structures - all of which gets my head 
pounding with excitement - it is not rooted in the past though, it sounds 
fresh and aggressive and with a clarity that ensures that every note and yelped 
vocal can be heard to great effect.

This is prime punk/noise rock which I gleefully fucking recommend!

Digital version can be brought from Bandcamp - Vinyl will be available at
the end of March.


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