Friday, 24 December 2010

Swans - Greed/Holy Money (1986)

As a small respite from all the
enforced yuletide cheer, here
are 2 Swans albums from each
end of 1986 on one CD.

You know what to expect
otherwise you are reading
the wrong music blog!


  1. Thanks for posting!

    The songs were in different order when I unpacked it, and two songs are missing from "Holy Money" when compared with but that might be something related to re-issues. The songs missing are "Fool (#2)" and "A Screw (Holy Money) (Mix)". But it's good because it reminds me to be aware when buying the CD!

  2. I checked my CD and comparing the tracklisting with Wiki and Amazon - the tracks on the CD do not match the description on the case. I must of had this for at least 13 years and only just noticed!

    Thanks and sorry about my rubbish post!