Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Fertility Cult - Eschatology (2010)

A fantastic band from Finland, The Fertility
Cult play a doom/stoner groove - think
faster Electric Wizard tracks ; "We Live"
era with a bit of early Kyuss.

But ......

...... with a saxaphone player. This really
changes the dynamics of the music. If you
like the anarchic playing of Steve MacKay
on the seminal Stooges "Funhouse" then
give this a Listen.

I found this on the wonderful and varied blog
Udols thanks man.


  1. yeah! good album, the saxo really gives it an interesting sonority.

    thanks for the advertising!

  2. Hey, us music blogs have to stick together.

  3. Sounds interesting man, I'll get my ear on it