Thursday, 2 December 2010

Public Image - Album (1986)

Lydon, Ginger Baker and Steve Vai. Even in black and
white in front of you, it seems an impossible band to
ever come together.

Well, it happened and guess what - it was great.

Huge sounding drums, a fluid shifting bass line + Vai
guitar work - not too widdly in the solo department
and harsh sounding chords which blended with the
vocals ....... Lydon employed all his vocals trademarks -
the "warble", shouting, sneering and even a bit of singing!

This is a very solid record with no filler tracks - classic
song writing is in evidence here.

Some PIL fans thought it "too rock" but I liked it.

I have stuck with Mr Lydon through some absolute
crap as well as some tracks of genius and I just wish
that he would get together with a heavy guitar sound
for a whole album.


  1. I really like PIL and all the different lineups they've had. I was hoping to catch them last year but unfortunately it wasn't to be.

  2. I tried to get tickets for last year as well but sold out too quick - think I will put on Metal Box now.

  3. What an album, probably my favourite I'd say