Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Head of David - Dustbowl (1988)

A heavy sounding band with Justin Broadrick
in before he went on to form Godflesh and
Jesu, Head of David were signed to Blast First
and are described as Industrial Rock/Stoner.

I can also spot bits of Killing Joke/Sabbath/
Sonic Youth.

Using a drum machine as a noise weapon, murderous
bass and uber heavy guitar, riff after riff pound
away in a thrilling mixture of power and scuzz.

This was produced by Steve Albini and (unlikely
as it seems!) gave them quite a 'rock' sound
complete with guitar solos and tunes!!


  1. Thanks man, got the LP version of this several months ago, NEEDS to be re-released

  2. I totally agree with you - a lot of people do not seem to know about this album and it still sounds fucking great now!