Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Orgöne - Mos/Fet

Every now and then I get sent something to review that makes 
my ears ring with sounds and music that seems to come from 
a different dimension. This is a female fronted heavy fuzz
 psychedelic band that trample through genres as gleefully as
my daughter stealing money from me. 

Heavy and dense, there is also a strong vein of weirdness running 
through, ensuring that there is always something going on to keep 
your attention.The riffs are strong and muscular with snaking
 patterns that the guitars deliver drenched in feedback and distortion,
giving the haunted vocals a platform to sit upon. 

Ambient drifting intros linger and then dive straight into the 
chaos and power. Squalls of space guitar noise drone over kraut- 
rock song structures while the rhythms are almost mathy with a
jazz like complexity that propel the listener into orbit. 

The production ensures that every note is LOUD. 
The musicianship on display from all members of the band are on 
fire, giving these tracks an effortless feel that gets the head nodding 
along nicely. Tension and dynamics are handled well - there is
always a danger of this sort of thing becoming samey but in
the hands of this band, it is an organic process which carries you along. 
On the other hand, if you are brave enough to plunge into the unknown,
take a deep breath, hold my hand and let me guide you through
an electric trip! 

Orgöne describe themselves as heavy psych/retro rock/experimental/sludge/
space rock and stoner.. If those words strike fear into your hearts
and you do not want to delve into uncharted musical territory,
now may be the time to leave. 

Lone vocal chants start the first track - a massive 20 minute track before the
distorted guitars start droning, morphing into Melvin type riffage - then with
choral vocals, which lead to a lone buried vocal - this is a prelude to some
frenzied jazz drums that are played in the Mitch Mitchell school of
skin bashing over which a throbbing bass line is accompanied by stabbed guitar
chords - soon chaos descends but always with control.

Special mention must be made of the vocals by Olga Rostropovitch.
She sings, croons bellows, shrieks, whispers and because I do not understand much
French, the overall feel is like a witch spitting out curses - I mean that a a good thing!

This is my album of the year so far!

Thanks to Heavy Pysch Sounds Records for sending this promo.

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