Thursday, 15 May 2014

Always Wanted War - "C.R.E.A.M."

from: Germany
sounds like: grunge 2.0
just one song: Stars hollow

Here are the five reasons why I daily listen to this EP for more than one month:

1. The intro: it features a banjo AND it sounds good, and it is the long awaited proof 
that hardcore bands can go accoustic without playing wimpy tunes a bunch of 15 years 
old scouts wouldn’t even welcome to their firecamp sessions. Which means three good 
surprises in less than 2 minutes. Good job.

2. Mixing the stoner riffs and rythmics with the screamo vocals is just a perfect idea 
I keep wondering why nobody thought about it before: you got the heaviness, you got 
the emotion, what would you need more? 

3. The good surprises happen all the time, be them the choruses in Stars hollow and 
the way they play around the traditionnal gang vocals ; the time bomb bridge in Derry ;
 the blink of groovy disco beat in Gotham ; the distorted new-wavy verse “It seems 
so far away from me” in Coldmoat ; or the falsely quiet bridge that ends in a dirty heavy 
metal solo in Blashyrkh. These seven songs are nothing but a succession of small birthdays 
for your ears. 

4. I am waiting for a decent grunge revival for years, and I finally found a band that sounds 
like grunge should do in 2013. But don’t get me wrong. Grunge was desperate but naïve, 
ironic but sincere, heavy but melodic, primal but complex. If C.R.E.AM. fulfills brillantly 
all these requisites, it also twists the model in order to propose a fresh alternative, namely 
by swapping 70’s heavy metal for stoner rock and hardcore punk for screamo. It manages to 
definitively keep the spirit, but also, and moreover, to play with your ears and expectations 
in a way you wish your girl/boyfriend would do with your body.
5. Last but not least, I fancy hairy butts and extreme choregraphy:

    the bandcamp, where you can download the EP for FREE.
    the facebook, just in case.
    the wordpress, because you deserve it.

    If you don't want to order the EP directly from them, just check:
    - Moment of Collapse
    Black Lake Records
    - Fake Art Fake Music
    - SickmanGetting Sick Records
    - Shivery Productions
    - Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records
    Always Wanted Objectivity:
    - slightly less enthusiastic SWNK
    - short What are blood Wings
    -  german winterhimfruehling
    - portuguese Misantropia Extrema

    words by Matthieu

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