Monday 19 May 2014


Formed in San Francisco in 1967, Blue Cheer are often named checked in association with a wide range of current loud and noisy musical genres. Heavy distorted blues stoner with a bit of an experimental edge is my favoured description of this early 3 piece powerhouse.

The band is said to have been named after a type of LSD manufactured by one Owsley Stanley, who's very "far out " ramblings are featured on the reverse of the sleeve pictured here.

He became infamous for his association with The Grateful Dead and for his part in the rise of the psychedelic drug culture on the West Coast during the late 60's. 

Here's a link to see them performing to their debut single, a version of the classic rock'n'roll standard "Summertime Blues", which, along with the album, charted in the States. 

I wholeheartedly recommend that all you lovers of loud and heavy things in this world check out the entire album. Its 6 tracks being a 50/50 split between self penned songs and cover numbers, which I'm certain you will find a great way to pass 32 minutes of your lives !

The band continued to gig in one form or another right up until founder and bassist Dickie Peterson's death from cancer in 2009. 

words by DOUG E DOGG - thanks for filling in
during my break.

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